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Marsch der Eisschützen - March of the Ice Stock Players

The cheerful event or rather anecdote about a club ...

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Tico - Tico

Solo for clarinet and concert band. The solo clarinet ...

Sales price: 71,00 €

Geh zur Ruh - Go to eternal rest

Funeral march for a concert band with lyrical parts.

Sales price: 19,00 €

Salzburg's Impressions

Solo for flute, two violins, cello and piano. Allegro: ...

Sales price: 32,00 €

Jupiter aus 'Die Planeten' - Jupiter from 'The Planets'

"Jupiter" from the fourth movement "Jupiter, the Bringer of ...

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The piece starts with a description of a group of hikers on ...

Sales price: 121,00 €

Summer-Frischler - Summer Visitor

The piece describes the question of a certain summer ...

Sales price: 27,00 €

first concert

The piece is divided into two parts: the first part is held ...

Sales price: 27,00 €

EMIL - In die Fremde heimkehren - EMIL - Coming home to the foreign parts

This work is based on a book by the literary award winner ...

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